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Our practice was founded on the principal that everyone who is hurting deserves to be helped. This includes people with disabilities, challenges, and unique learning and communication styles.

Serving the needs of children, adolescents and adults through individual, group, family and couples therapy, as well as autism-parent coaching.

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Janeen Herskovitz, MA

Janeen Herskovitz, MA

Practice Owner | Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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3 Things People With Autism Wish You Would Stop Doing

The more people on the autism spectrum I meet, the more I learn about my own biases and assumptions about them. Despite many years of working with families and raising my own autism-affected son, I am amazed at how much remains misunderstood. Go to Goodtherapy.org to...

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How To Survive An Autism Crisis

Parents of children on the autism spectrum know all too well that things can take a turn for the worst at any given moment. If your situation is anything like mine, it often happens when you least expect it. Autism Crisis Examples: You’re having a nice family dinner...

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5 Ways To Treat Yourself With Kindness

In this blog series I am addressing self-care. Part 1 discussed setting effective boundaries. Part 2 addressed how to live with more intention. The last of my 3-part recipe for starting an effective self-care practice is “treating yourself with kindness”. Why is it...

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My Top 3 Parenting Tips

The goal of parenting In my experience as a therapist, and as a mom of two kiddos whose needs go above and beyond the norm (whatever that is), there are three things I find myself teaching most often to the moms and dads I help, daily. First let’s get this out of the...

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The Day I Was A Bad Mom

I have a confession to make. And it’s a biggie. Yesterday I let my 18-year-old autistic son play video games for 4 hours straight. Yes, you read that correctly, FOUR hours. According to the recommended screen-time rules of my helicopter-parenting generation, I am...

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When Panic Attacks: How to manage your anxiety

When Panic Attacks: How to manage your anxiety. If you've ever had the experience of a panic attack, or an episode of extreme anxiety, you know that it can be one of the most frightening experiences of your life. It seems to come out of nowhere. Your heart races, you...

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How To Take Care of Yourself By Setting Boundaries

  In my previous post I identified 3 main ingredients needed to create a healthy self-care practice. I am a visual person, so I created a diagram to help illustrate: Today I’ll expound on the first area: Establishing Healthy Boundaries First let’s talk about what I...

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How To Make Autism Awareness Month Really Count: Part 1

  Every April I am reminded to adorn my house with blue lights, post infographics on social media and give to my “favorite charity”. I field well-meaning comments from family and friends letting me know they are thinking of me, and asking where they can donate in...

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