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MS | Licensed Educator | Special Needs Strategist

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Ceil Shanahan, MS, Licensed Educator | Special Needs Strategist


My Education and Experience

I received a BA in Elementary Education and Intellectual Disabilities from Flagler College, as well as a MS in Special education from the University of North Florida. In my 35 years as an exceptional student educator, I was blessed to pilot both the pre-kindergarten developmentally delayed and autistic programs for St. John’s County. In addition to completing my ASD endorsement, I co-developed and taught this endorsement at the county level.

I am experienced in working with extremely diverse populations of students and consider my strengths to be developing relationships, untangling unproductive behavioral challenges and providing practical strategies to alleviate concerns in varying environments. My company, Peaced Together, LLC is dedicated to “Mending life skills today for a productive life tomorrow.”

I believe in…

Relationship-based connections between children and adults designed to promote independence, responsibility and a growth mindset.

A positive, strength-centered approach towards strategizing practical solutions to challenges occurring in the home, school and community.

Maximizing potential while respecting, understanding and embracing diversity.


Open communication as a means to generalizing skills, concepts and behaviors into varying environments.

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Here’s what parents have to say about Ceil…

Ms. Shanahan was able to make great progress with our son, by paying attention to his abilities, his true needs, and setting expectations based on knowing where he can excel. Elopement was no longer a problem, his attention span increased, and his ability to work independently excelled.
With Ms. Shanahan’s patience and standards, he knew what was expected of him and rose to the challenge. She sought us out and wanted us to be actively engaged with the process of our son’s education. Anyone who gets to work with Ms. Shanahan and her team will be able to quickly see the passion, commitment, and ability to pick up on what others miss.
Josiah's parents

J.R. was in Ceil’s class for many years. During this time, Ceil set the foundation for JR’s success and helped us as parents to continue his development. J.R. is now 26 years old. The child we were told would never read or write graduated Cum Laude from High School. He has been employed for 8 years. He has accomplished things we used to dream about and wish for.

We highly recommend Ceil Shanahan, because we know our lives would not be as successful without her intervention, guidance and support into our family’s life. She is committed, dedicated and passionate about teaching and guiding children with special needs. She “Gets It”!

J.R.'s parents

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