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Our practice was founded on the principal that everyone who is hurting deserves to be helped. This includes people with disabilities, challenges, and unique learning and communication styles.

Serving the needs of children, adolescents and adults through individual, group, family and couples therapy, as well as autism-parent coaching.

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Janeen Herskovitz, MA

Janeen Herskovitz, MA

Practice Owner | Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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Giving: Examining Our Motives

  In Part 1, I told my own family's story, and shared a few of my own opinions about autism awareness month. So, how can you best support a family living with autism? Making Autism Awareness Month count this April means supporting a family who is living with it....

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What Families Living With Autism Really Need

  In part 2, I introduced the idea of asking an autism family you love, what they need. This can get tricky. You see, as the mother in an autism family myself, and as a clinician who has spent countless hours with autism families, there’s something I have to make you...

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What You Can Offer To A Family Living With Autism

  So you love a family living with autism and want to support them. April is autism awareness month and you’re just not sure how to do this adequately. After all, every disease, disorder and cause has an “Awareness” day, week or month. After a while this gets old,...

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Autism Moms Share Their Perspective

What does it look like to truly support a person raising a child with autism? In parts 1-4, I reviewed both my feelings toward Autism Awareness month, and ways that others can truly help ASD families.  I much prefer the term “Autism Support Month” and have shared...

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How To Live With Intention

We've been talking about self-care. Or in other words, the ways in which we take care of our own needs rather than expecting others to do it for us. In my last post, I discussed the first part of a recipe for self-care: setting healthy boundaries. This was the first...

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Self-Care: What Is It? + Why Is It So Important?

  As a therapist who works closely with moms raising kids with disabilities, my main focus is how well people are taking care of themselves. Recently a mom asked me what I meant by the term “self-care” so I decided to address this in a blog post of it’s very own. When...

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Omegle…Harmless Social App Or Pedophile Playground?

  Check Your Teen's Tech I consider myself a pretty tech-savvy mom, as far as new-millennia parents go. I’m a therapist, I’ve built a basic website and I have been using email since the early 90’s when it was so new, none of my friends had email addresses. I believe...

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Ten Tips For A Peaceful Holiday With Autism

  The holiday season is chaotic for any family, but for families living with and caring for children on the autism spectrum, it’s a new level of super-charged chaos. Here are a few tips we’ve gathered over the years, both from experience and from other parents.  ...

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Practicing Adaptive Mindfulness

By, Kelly DeSousa, MS, ATR Studies have shown that certain types of mindfulness techniques can foster self-regulation for children on the spectrum. Mindfulness does not mean quiet meditation without any thoughts or interruption. Mindfulness just means focusing...

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