How We Help

General counseling services

Individual Counseling

Puzzle Peace provides individual counseling services for a myriad of difficulties, including depression, anxiety, traumatic stress, ADHD and getting un-stuck.


Sometimes we need help navigating the complexities in our marriages and relationships. We help couples identify the roadblocks and re-connect.


Whether you’re struggling with parenting, setting limits or feeling like the atmosphere in your home needs some fine tuning, family therapy might be the solution. We help families get along and re-connect.

Autism-Specific Services

New to the Autism Diagnosis

If you’ve received an autism diagnosis for your child, a loved one, or yourself, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Let us help you navigate the adjustment and provide tools you can use.

Parent Coaching + Counseling

We help autism spectrum parents every day. Whether it’s dealing with grief, managing stress or strengthening your marriage, we can help. Parent Coaching can provide you with tools and strategies you can use. Sessions can be in person or via video chat.

For Special Siblings

We’ve witnessed families creating stronger bonds in spite of their challenges, and siblings come to terms with their unique lives.

A happier home means a healthier environment where your child can thrive.


Group Therapy

Our Extra-Special Moms Group is group therapy designed just for moms raising kids with autism and related issues. we meet regularly in our Ponte Vedra office and scholarships are available.

For People on the Autism Spectrum

We value your need to to heard and understood.

If a person cannot speak, does it mean they have nothing to say? We say a resounding NO!

Many people with autism spectrum disorder have difficulty expressing themselves.  And those who can express themselves often have trouble identifying and processing their feelings.  But they still need a place where they can receive counseling, be validated for who they are, and experience personal growth.  In the world of autism, where so much is difficult, we try to make the process of therapy  a little bit easier.

We understand your family.

We know you spend a great deal of time running to lots of therapies to help your child: speech, occupational, behavioral, physical…so many you couldn’t even imagine going to one more therapist.

But at Puzzle Peace, we’ve seen children and adults on the spectrum blossom even more in those therapies after treatment with us.

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